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Vasili Rodriguez has always been fascinated with filmmaking and the creative process that goes into putting his idea on the big screen. After graduating from high school, Vasili began making short films and working on freelance work, editing videos for local businesses, and sports reels. His passion never stopped growing for making movies, however, when he finally decided to make himself known and start his own film brand. 

Currently, Vasili works closely with Affray Interactive, a small indie developer studio working on collaborative short films and video game titles such as SCP:Pandemic. Vasili helps alongside other artists to create Visual Media, Sound Design, and Music Composition. Some of his work can be found on the Film Portfolio tab.

Work Experience

June 2020 - Current


July 2019 - Feb 2021

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Nov 2019 - Dec 2019


With the help from Affray Studios, I was tasked with Editing videos using Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects to promote video game and film content. I Collaborated with creative directors, graphic designers, and producers to execute projects with precision and achieve project goals, as well as developed plans for aspects of shoots such as cameras required, optimal angles, and lighting needs.

Completed tasks alongside studio executives to compile and edit video content to promote video game gameplay and cinematic trailers. Performed all aspects of post-production, including sound design, sequence selection, and compression.

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